FP Link provides comprehensive and tailored advice reflecting each individual's Financial Planning needs.

Some of the services we provide are; asset management, tax planning, inheritance, holistic financial planning, off-shore investment and off-shore banking support.

We are independent financial planners capable of providing neutral advice to protect your assets.

Setting a goal for your life plan and providing tailored support is our expertise.

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Offshore Funds

  1. Superfund
    Superfund provides managed futures funds which invest diversly into over one hundred types of commodity futures, in addition to stocks, bonds, and currencies. Based on a fully automated technical trading system and utilizing a trend-following strategy, Superfund products can profit from rising as well as falling markets.
  2. Man Investments
    A pioneer of guaranteed and multi-strategy products.
  3. Pioneer Investments
    A comparatively large fund company centered in Europe. Pioneer Investments manages hedge funds and numerous mutual funds.
  4. FMG
    FMG continues steady growth with excellent management and risk control. A specialist in Emerging Markets.
  5. Protrust
    This company operates structured funds investing in UK With-profit funds. With-profit funds are a common means of managing British pension capital, producing stable performance through smoothing techniques.
  6. Thames River
    Combining both traditional and hedge-fund strategies, the Thames River funds maintain high-level, balanced performance.
  7. Gems Advisors
    Manages a low volatility fund which has been awarded a GFA Rating. Rating: ****
  8. Aurum Funds
    Specializes in moderating fund volatility. Often used for managing personal finance, as well as by corporates such as institutional investors. A favorite of the pros.

Regular Savings and many other types of investment also available.

  1. American International Investors Trust (AIIT)
    AIIT offers access to well-known funds around the world, including hedge funds and Index funds. Regular contribution and lump-sum investment plans available.
  2. Hansard International
    Operating from the Isle of Man, Hansard International selects diversified accumulative and lump-sum structured investments from 120 different types of funds, offering diversified investments. Life cover is also offered, paid at the time of death. In the unlikely event that Hansard should be unable to meet its liabilities, up to 90% of the investment's value is guaranteed by the government of the Isle of Man.
  3. Land Banking
    Based on evaluations by city-planning experts and real-estate market analysts, Land Banking identifies and purchases undeveloped land with the expectation of growth in value, then profits by reselling once the land has been designated for development. Land Banking projects are currently available all over the world, including Canada and the USA.

These Offshore Funds and other Overseas Investments displayed or described by FP Link Co., Ltd. are not for the purpose of selling, and we do not guarantee their safety as investments. When purchasing or acquiring these investments, all responsibility associated with ownership remains with the individual purchaser or acquirer. In the case where administrative duties are carried out on behalf of the purchaser or acquirer by FP Link Co., Ltd., all rights and responsibilities remain with the purchaser or acquirer.